Your Landing Page Needs You! 4 Techniques to Develop a Real Test Hypothesis

One of the most common questions I get, when I teach Landing Page Optimization is: “How do I figure out what to test?”

1. Ask Why, What, and How: Asking the right questions gets the right answers (cliché, but true). But when it comes to LPO, asking what, why, and how – in that order – is in fact a super effective way of getting the right answers to the question, “What should I test?”

2. Perform an Analysis Focusing on Clarity and Relevance:

The more time and brain power your potential customers have to invest in understanding your offer and how they will benefit from it, the more likely they are to bounce from your landing page and check out what your competitors have to offer. The more clearly you communicate the value of your offer, and the better you are at showing them that your offer is relevant to their needs or motivations, the more likely they are to accept what you’re offering them.

3. Identify Sources of Friction: Under all circumstances, friction is something negative that tips the decision towards “bounce” rather than “conversion”. The less friction, the prospect encounters, the greater the chance that he or she will say “Yes please” to your offer. In my experience, reducing friction is a low-hanging fruit that can give you a significant return on time spent testing.

4. Talk to your customers: Instead of spending hours guesstimating what’s in the mind of your customers – why not get the answers “straight from the horses mouth”?

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