10 Content Marketing Tips You Can Employ Now

Content marketing tips, discover the best content marketing tactics and strategies used by the experts today. Here are the 10 tips:
#1: Leverage the Power of Interviews
#2: Embrace Content Curation
#3: Use Calls to Action
#4: Create Verbal Tweets
#5: Make Content Desirable to Your Customers
#6: Align Your Content Marketing Strategy With Your Email Strategy
#7: Invest in Business Blogging
#8: Make Content Marketing Part of Your Business Culture
#9: Master Integrated Content Marketing: Here are three steps on how to create a powerful integrated content marketing program for your business.
1. Create a Content Editorial Calendar
2. Use Content to Segment Your Prospects
3. Ramp Up Content-Focused Relationship-Building
#10: Develop Your Content Marketing Mission Statement

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