Social Technologies for the New Year

And here’s a brief of the mentioned social technologies…

Echo: The company launched a pinboard visualization plugin in October, which enables brands to display real-time content in a pinboard style layout.

Chute: Building on the pinboard plugin’s technology, application provider Chute recently launched the Chute Media Galley app, which is available within Echo’s App Echosystem. Chute Media Gallery enables Web workers to feature real-time photo walls about any topic on their sites.

Telescope: Telescope is an open-source social news application, currently in beta, which provides Web workers with a way to implement real-time social news functionality on their sites.

Socialist: Socialist is a jQuery plugin that helps users aggregate their social media activity into a singular location. Users can combine their social feeds from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Flickr, YouTube, Pinterest, Google+ and Craigslist, to name a few.

Achievements for BuddyPress: This gamification plugin is built for the popular BuddyPress Community platform for WordPress. The plugin helps users promote and reward social interactions with challenges, badges and points.

LinkedIn Plugins: Many Web workers forget to include the LinkedIn “follow company” button on their sites. The most popular professional social network launched the follow company button in February, and once implemented, the button enables site visitors to follow a company on LinkedIn with just one click.

AddThis: The social sign-in plugin enables Web workers to include social sign-in functionality to their sites. Additionally, AddThis launched a few other social tools this year, including a new Follow tool that enables site visitors to subscribe to a social profile with just one click, as well as a Trending Content plugin that helps publishers promote content and a Welcome extension, which enables publishers to greet site visitors with a personalized message and call-to-action.

Facebook Plugins: Facebook developed a host of tools that can help Web workers make their sites more social, including the Recommendations Bar. This social plugin can be integrated into a content publisher’s website to help readers discover articles based on what their friends like and share.

Pinterest RSS Widget: This Pinterest plugin for WordPress sites allows bloggers to add a widget within their sidebars that retrieves recent content from a Pinterest user’s RSS feed and displays corresponding thumbnail images.

Disqus: While it doesn’t have any direct connection with a specific social site, this WordPress plugin is one of the best comment systems for fostering a community on your website as well as increasing engagement amongst site visitors.

iNeoMarketing‘s insight:

You’ll want to review these technologies and incorporate.

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