Forrester’s 2013 Customer Experience Predictions

Here are a few of the changes that customer experience professionals can expect in 2013 and highlight the pitfalls that companies need to avoid during the upcoming year (the full report is available to Forrester subscribers as well as available for purchase):

• In addition to excitement in 2013, we also expect to see a great deal of flailing about and missteps before individual companies and the customer experience industry at large sort out any clear definitions, assessments, or proven approaches.

• Emotional insights will take center stage. The idea that happy customers are more likely to remain loyal, try new products and services, and spread good news about their experiences, has started to catch on.

• Marketers will mistake messaging for experience improvements. When their empty promises fail, marketers will be forced to shift their ad budgets to experience initiatives in 2014 and beyond.

(Note to marketing automation users: can you see how Customer Experience can be folded into the MA platform? Tricky, but we wouldn’t be surprised to see this emerge over the next 12-18 months.)

iNeoMarketing‘s insight:

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