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Yet again Unbounce comes through with a valuable post.  This is one that you can put to work right away…

Headline Formula A: All Gain, No Pain

Get the [Rarely Seen But Relevant Adjective] Power of [What Your Product Does] Without [Pain]

For use when: Your prospects have a clear pain they’d love you to eliminate

Example: Get the Conversion-Boosting Power of Optimized Landing Pages… Without IT

Headline Formula B: The Promise-Based SEO Headline

[Adjective] & [Adjective] [What You Are / SEO Keyword Phrase] That Will [Highly Desirable Promise of Results]

For use when: SEO is a major consideration for you, and you offer a highly desirable outcome
Example: Modern, Sexy Landing Page Templates That Will Bring in More Sales

Headline Formula C: The Explicit Promise

We Promise You [This]: [Highly Desirable Promise of Results]

For use when: Your visitors will believe a promise from you (e.g., driving from email)
Example: We Promise You More Conversions When You Use Our Optimized Landing Pages

Headline Formula D: The Comparison

[Known Competitor] [Does This Undesirable or Unimpressive Thing], and
[Your Brand Name] [Does This Highly Desirable or Impressive Thing]

For use when: You know your visitors are using or considering a key competitor
Example: Your IT Team Has No Bandwidth for Marketing Initiatives, But Unbounce Gets You Set Up in Minutes with Great-Looking Landing Pages

Headline Formula E: The Value Prop

The Only [SEO Keyword Phrase] Made Exclusively to [Highly Desirable Outcome or Benefit]

For use when: You offer something that’s both unique to you and highly desirable to your visitors

Example: The Only Landing Page Templates Made Exclusively to Boost Conversions

Formatting tips:

  • Center your headlines
  • Make them big and dark, dark grey (or, when on a dark background, white)
  • Use “Title Case”, aka Capitalize Each Word
  • Don’t use a period at the end as such visual cues present mental stopping points for your visitors
  • Break up lengthy headlines with “eye rest” punctuation marks, such as ellipses and em-dashes
  • Consider putting quotation marks around the headline as this can draw the eye
  • Support each headline with a meaningful subhead written in sentence case, aka Capitalize the first word only
iNeoMarketing‘s insight:

See the article at http://unbounce.com/landing-pages/5-headline-formulas/

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