Three Proven Social Media SEO Opportunities

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Alt Tags For Icons

Adding alt tags to all images on a website can increase the chances that the image gets indexed in Google Images, thus possibly leading to more traffic to your website where the image is hosted.

Social media icons are no different. Having an alt tag of “Follow [Company Name] on Twitter” can help include two important social media keywords: the social network name and the company name.

Add Social Media Accounts Everywhere!

Be sure to share your social media links wherever it’s appropriate. If your business is listed in local directories or even national sites like Google+, Facebook or Yelp, make sure you completely fill out any fields where social media account links are allowed.

When it comes to your own website, list employees’ social media accounts on their bio pages, as well as on any sidebars or headers that have built-in social media integration. Be sure to include your company-wide accounts as appropriate, as well.

Additionally, research has shown that re-tweets and shares on social media may get a piece of content indexed faster. This further proves that social media needs to be an integral part of any company’s marketing strategy.

When it comes down to it, the more links a company has to its own content (whether that is on their website, blog, or social networking profiles), the  more exposure they are going to get online.


Google+ Listings And Authorship

Google and SEO consultants have reported that having a presence on Google+, Google Places, and Google Authorship (which is now all combined into the Google+ platform) can help local SEO, as well as the indexing and display of a website’s content in search engine results. Additionally, Google Authorship can help increase visibility of company content, especially if the author’s photo shows up in the search results.

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