4 in 10 Marketers Say Their Company Has A Big Data Strategy

More from the Neolane/DMA study…

4 in 10 marketers report that their company has a specific strategy for handling the challenges of big data, according to survey results from Neolane and the Direct Marketing Association. 37% say they don’t have a strategy in place, while the remaining 23% are unsure. The “Big Data Report” reveals that marketers perceive the main challenge of the mounting volume of data to be its analysis, and are less concerned with how they’ll put the data to use.

Notably, when asked the biggest benefits of being able to access and interpret big data, only 6% respondents that they were unsure because they are still trying to understand big data. Survey results released in August 2012 indicated that a much larger proportion of businesses (42%) were unfamiliar with big data analytics.

iNeoMarketing‘s insight:

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