Using social media to widen your sphere of influence in B2B

There’s more influence available to the B2B marketer using social media.  Yesterday, we pointed out an article that talked to the influence of social media upon the organization (from  This posting points to the expanding influence across all buyer constituents…

B2B marketers can no longer market solely to their direct targets, they need to market to their managers, procurement teams, finance partners and suppliers and agencies. They must step into the shoes of buyers and understand their sphere of influence if they are to break down resistance to the sale.

A content driven social media strategy can support your positioning as experts and help your target customers grow their own knowledge and expertise. The knock on effect? A better understanding will predispose buyers to your services and brand and improve their standing and influence inside their own business.

Whilst most marketers won’t be able to adopt a persona-by-persona approach the trick is to provide differentiated content that operates at a number of levels. At one level a generalised newsfeed on a subject matter, at another a detailed piece of research, at another a review of a trend seen in an industry that takes an inquisitive position rather than simply reporting the facts.

iNeoMarketing‘s insight:

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