Marketing Automation Pricing Comparisons

Certainly not an exhaustive list of marketing automation vendors, but it does provide you with the pricing from the larger players in the MAP market…

  • Marketo Pricing: Marketo’s pricing for SMBs is in three tiers from Spark to Select, then a fourth tier Enterprise. Fees are monthly, quarterly, or annually. Expect to pay between $30K to $70K per year in most cases. Pricing is based on your record count at the start of the contract. Typically includes on-boarding process and standard support which is usually enough. There are no per email fees. Extras like dedicated IPs can be negotiated. List prices may be negotiable. Marketo recently upgraded all tiers to unlimited Marketing Users, which is a big plus.
  • HubSpot Pricing uses a 3 tier base system plus a monthly fee for the size of your database. Expect to pay $20K-$50K per year, up front.  Smaller businesses which use the Basic package can start lower than $10K. There are no per email fees. HubSpot does require one time setup and training fees which add $2,000 to $7,000. If you are new to the web, blogging, and inbound it could be worth it. You can effectively use HubSpot as your website and analytics tool if that helps you drop other services.
  • Pardot Pricing (ExactTarget) also has a three tier base system starting with 30K records and adding $300/mo for each additional 30K. There are no per email fees. There are file, landing page, and other limitations which other services do not have. Billing is quarterly for the annual fee. Some fees and extras may be negotiable.
  • Act-on Pricing is simple and potentially limiting. They charge per active contact tier starting at $500 for 2,500 contacts you can email per month. That means if you email 2500 people in a month, that’s it. No more emails until you pay more. [Update] According to Act-On staff, there are unlimited plans, but I was unable to review them for this post.
  • Eloqua Pricing (Oracle) also has three pricing tiers with a base price plus a fee for contacts over 10K. Eloqua does limit Marketing Users. They have a range of add-ons and pricing can be negotiated. Expect to pay $24K to $100K depending on your database size. There are no per email fees.

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