Oracle acquires Eloqua. How will this affect the marketing automation…

Great summary of the Oracle acquisition of Eloqua, and the various projected reactions in the marketplace.  The following pulls out the topline highlights, but you may want to clickthrough to read the full opinion…

  • Oracle will significantly increase engineering investments in Eloqua’s products.
  • Oracle will also integrate Big Data and Business Intelligence with Eloqua’s products for end-to-end customer journey management.
  • Oracle’s resources and market coverage, especially Oracle’s global direct salesforce and potentially their other channels will greatly help Eloqua. Product internationalisation will surely follow quickly, as will professional services profitability.
  • Eloqua’s addressable market size will increase by a factor of 10X or 20X overnight.
  • Given that Eloqua reportedly only had $200K in cash before their IPO, life is sweet.
  • Eloqua’s products also enhance Oracle’s Cloud and Customer Experience plays against the likes of IBM and Adobe.
  • Oracle says “Eloqua’s management team and employees are expected to join Oracle after the transaction closes”. The culture of the friendly Eloqua family is very different to the hard-nosed commercialism of Oracle. How many Eloqua employees will stay is questionable. Some will set up as new Eloqua channel partners or join existing Eloqua’s channel partners.
  • Salesforce integration is undoubtedly a major plank in the Eloqua value proposition. However, Oracle has stated its intent to be No 1 in the cloud, which means eating Salesforce’s lunch. In the short term ‘co-opetition’ will pervade, but Eloqua is likely to drift apart from Salesforce and commit wholly to the Oracle platform. Eloqua’s competitors will no doubt raise this with Eloqua / Salesforce combination customers.
  • Responsys and ExactTarget have recently IPO’d and would be relatively equal acquisitions. In private ownership, Marketo, Hubspot and Silverpop are highly leveraged by venture capitalists no doubt keen to cash in like Bessemer has. The No 1 acquirer suspect is SAP, which often follows Oracle acquisitions with their own similar initiatives. IBM is committed to further acquisitions in the marketing space also. Teradata might be interested as its Aprimo acquisition has seemingly stalled. Adobe has no real MAP play and might be tempted. SAS Institute and Microsoft are outside, but nonetheless interesting bets.

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