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E-commerce Eye Candy: B2B Mobile Use (Infographic)

See the infographic at       

If your B2B marketing involves e-commerce, you’ll want to take note of this infographic, and this snippet: The problem of immediacy and convenience in a mobile setting leads 52% of users to say that a bad mobile experience makes them less likely to engage with a company. –


FREE: The Smart Guide to Email Marketing Conversion [Ebook]

FREE Ebook…What’s in the ebook? It’s email marketing evolved. That’s what this guide is all about. It’s how smart marketers are combining email campaigns with targeted landing pages to increase their conversions.


Five steps for improving lead generation ROI

Basic points, but the one to emphasize is “follow up quickly.” Lead shelf life continues to be fleeting, and we can’t emphasize enough the importance of swift follow-up…


Marketing Automation Pricing Comparisons

Certainly not an exhaustive list of marketing automation vendors, but it does provide you with the pricing from the larger players in the MAP market…


The Biggest Issue In Content Marketing

Obviously, content marketing is a significant part of the B2B marketing effort, but there’s a significant underlying issue. This article talks to this problem: talent to create content. We can’t rely solely on internal thought leaders to write/speak/broadcast: the B2B marketer must secure outside talent to create the content needed. A summary…


The million-dollar content marketing question

The “question” in question is outsourced content marketing, i.e., what is the market size for outsourced content marketing. Take a look at the snippet from the article below, but more importantly, click on the image above to see the infographic that describes the various options to content marketing outsourcing…


Key Email Engagement Tactics: Benchmarks and Trends

MarketingProfs reviewed an Experian Marketing Services report that provides benchmarks for key email engagement and acquisition tactics…


Power Up Your Marketing to Prove Business Value [Infographic]


The big data bubble in marketing — but a bigger future

There is no way possible to appropriately summarize this posting from Scott Brinker. We can only implore you to click through and read his insight. Here’s the big picture point:

If you want to really harness the power of big data, build the organizational engine to use it. That’s the bigger future that marketing is headed towards. And it will be as big of a worldwide revolution as the rise of the Internet.


7 in 10 Marketers Plan Increased Data-Related Spending

We believe that B2B marketers are on the cusp of taking data and utilizing it to create and market personalized, customized offerings. We see increased spending in data analysis and output. We’re not surprised to see this pie chart…


Oracle acquires Eloqua. How will this affect the marketing automation…

Great summary of the Oracle acquisition of Eloqua, and the various projected reactions in the marketplace. The following pulls out the topline highlights, but you may want to clickthrough to read the full opinion…


Leveraging Content at the Middle of the Funnel: 6 Best Practices

The following synopsis is from an interview with Meagen Eisenberg, DocuSign VP of Demand Generation, and her team’s use of marketing automation and content marketing. Great application of marketing automation…


How to Become an Online Authority Using

We love, and strongly endorse it. Here’s this author’s view of the benefits to using…


Buying Marketing Automation Software: A Best Practice Process

Here’s a suggested 9 step approach to choosing the right MAP for your organization. From Marketo…


iNeoMarketing‘s insight:

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