Death of a Sales Model?

Great post that talks to the advantages and inroads that marketing automation is making relative to the sales model, and how the sales model should morph accordingly.  Here’s an excerpt…

Take one look at any modern business model and you’ll notice a clear pattern forming: Marketing is moving from outbound to inbound and sales teams are coming home to roost. Yesterday’s expensive field sales organizations are being traded for lower-cost inside teams, even in the world of complex, high-consideration products and services.


But perhaps more importantly, sales models are changing because marketing models have changed. The rise of digital marketing has shifted the power to the consumer, who can navigate the front end of the sale cycle without the assistance of a sales rep. Search and social networks allow consumers to discover and validate options and alternatives before engaging with sales. And when they do, they’re further into the consideration phase and often ready to buy. An onsite visit becomes overkill. Inside sales becomes a better match for inbound business models.


But what about the most arcane products and services that require a PhD to understand? First, these products are losing the battle to simpler alternatives that embrace more consumer-oriented design principles and cloud-based delivery models. And, even when products and services are necessarily complex, they’re often repackaged to capitalize on this new dynamic. Freemium features allow customers to get a small sample of your value without the friction of cost. Same with open source models that unleash free IP toward the goal of commercializing something downstream. Of course, draw the lines between free and commercial incorrectly and you risk getting stuck in the tar pit of free stuff. A compelling up-sell is absolutely critical to making this work.

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