The Top 9 Marketing Automation Articles Curated Today, Wednesday, 1/23/13

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Social Media Transparency [Infographic]       

Interesting infographic inasmuch as it focuses on the need for trust as a part of your social media strategy, i.e., transparency. Here’s the author’s point:


Best Blog Titles: Make Great Posts Stand      

 It’s important! When we spend time culling through hundreds and hundreds of articles and posting each day, the first attention grabber is the Blog Title. Here’s a quick review of the top points from this posting:


SEO FYI: 5 B2B SEO Mistakes to       

Although an article that covers the basic, it’s worthwhile to repeat the warnings over and over. Here’s a quick summary of the 5 mistakes…


The State Of Viewable       

2013 is the year of the viewable impression – are you ready? We’ve created a quick cheat sheet to bring you up to date.


Marketing Automation: How to Avoid Becoming a ‘Stage 5 Clinger’       

How much is too much? The inexperienced marketing automation user must battle impatience: you can’t pummel a lead over the head right from the get-go. There’s a reason why it’s called nurturing…


Twelve Points to Consider When You Choose a Marketing Consulting Services       

It’s a dramatically growing field, and we suspect it will grow more as the need for marketing technology increases. This article covers the softer points associated with selecting a marketing consulting firm. We think you need to add more technical points as a part of the evaluation process…


BtoB Outlook: Marketing budgets to rise sharply, with digital paramount       

Very bullish plans by B2B marketers. Here’s a quick synopsis of the article…


4 Examples of Real-World Companies Implementing Successful Content       

We love content curation: it’s a tremendous means to deliver potentially useful information to your market. Besides The Marketing Automation Alert, here are a few great examples of content curation…


How to Build SEO into Content Strategy       

This deck covers the basics, and although long, you can click through quickly. Nice job here presenting content marketing’s impact on SEO.

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