The Definition of Insanity in Marketing Automation

We’ve come to understand that the ROI from marketing automation has the same type of timeline as that from SEO, i.e., you need to give it some time.  Patience is paramount, and testing is a necessity. Look: it took time for marketers to realize the ROI from SEO is a long one. We need to apply the same patient approach to marketing automation. So as a B2B marketer, please level-set the timeline.  This article captures the feeling, and the last paragraph summarizes it nicely…

In this current era, the purchase of marketing automation technology alone isn’t enough. Processes must also be adjusted to align with the new buy cycle. Certainly, it can be daunting to veer off the path of the “same old, same old.” But if you want to get more value out of your lead generation activities, and sales is asking for more qualified leads, then you must adapt your approach to marketing to prospects, too, or nothing else will change.

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