The Top 11 Marketing Automation Articles Curated Today, Friday, 1/25/13

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The Definition of Insanity in Marketing Automation

From leadlife.comToday, 8:02 AM

We’ve come to understand that the ROI from marketing automation has the same type of timeline as that from SEO, i.e., you need to give it some time.  Patience is paramount, and testing is a necessity. Look: it took time for marketers to realize the ROI from SEO is a long one. We need to apply the same patient approach to marketing automation. So as a B2B marketer, please level-set the timeline.  This article captures the feeling, and the last paragraph summarizes it nicely…



FREE: The Email Marketing Report Card

From unbounce.comToday, 7:54 AM

This is very cool.  Unbounce (one of our favorite blogs) is rolling out an Email Newsletter Report Card, which can be used for any type of email campaign.  Some limitations, but a great way to track and report as an infographic your email campaign results.  Click the link below to open up a FREE account…



The Marketer’s Guide to Actionable Data [INFOGRAPHIC]

From monetate.comToday, 7:22 AM

This infographic is very applicable to B2B marketing, especially marketing automation. We need to pull the data out and use it as a part of the MAP…



Google+: What’s In It for Business [Infographic]

From infographicjournal.comToday, 7:15 AM

“Check out this infographic from Search Mojo to learn 7 benefits your business could be reaping from Google+…”



Lead Nurturing and Marketing Automation: 15 Key Questions Answered (Question 5)

From www.marketingprofs.comToday, 8:59 AM

The question is: “How much content will I need for lead nurture and marketing automation?”  To us, the answer lies in testing, testing, testing.  However, here’s a great starting point for your MAP…



3 important SEO metrics to pay attention to

From www.biznology.comToday, 8:54 AM

Keep it simple.  The author offers up three basic, important SEO metrics that lead the way when measuring performance.  A brief summary:



It’s Time to Audit Your Website’s Social Functionality (Checklist)

From blog.marketo.comToday, 8:51 AM

Definitely worthwhile to do a quick check on your social links to ensure all is well.  The author offers a checklist, which you should click-through to review, save and use.  Issues that he found…



Twitter Seen Outpacing Facebook, LinkedIn for B2B Lead Generation

From www.marketingcharts.comToday, 8:47 AM

Social media for the B2B marketer plays multiple roles, and is a critical part of the overall marketing strategy.  We think that arguably it is not deployed primarily as a lead gen tool, but it does have a bit of an impact, and this article points to the specifics.  A snippet…



Why Sales Calls Are Key to Marketing Success

From www.silverpop.comToday, 8:33 AM

Of course she’s right: we always need to get out from the dashboard in order to keep tabs on what’s happening on the ground. But it plays a role not only in fine-tuning your content, but also staying abreast of buyer personas.  Article excerpts…



The Art of the Follow-Up with Business Buyers

From, 8:25 AM

This article talks to that which marketing automation users already know: timing and type of follow-up plays a critical role in the sales process.  Here’s a quick summary:



Email Marketing: Automated series boosts open rate 170% and clickthrough 433%

From articleToday, 8:16 AM

Can’t say this is pure B2B, however, it’s a nice tale of success when applying triggered emails.  Here’s the teaser from Sherpa…

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