Why Sales Calls Are Key to Marketing Success

Of course she’s right: we always need to get out from the dashboard in order to keep tabs on what’s happening on the ground. But it plays a role not only in fine-tuning your content, but also staying abreast of buyer personas.  Article excerpts…

With all the marketing data available today — behavioral data, profile data, Web form data, third-party research data and more — it may be tempting to think you can complete all your marketing tasks from the comfort of your office (or, better yet, your laptop or tablet while relaxing at home.)

All of these methods can help you architect strategy, determine tactics and prioritize resources. But if you want to raise your success level even higher, I suggest you take a more radical step – go on sales calls.  Sales calls give you a filter-free lens into the hearts and minds of your potential buyers. By going to a variety of in-person, face-to-face meetings, you’ll see and hear first-hand the pressures your buyers are facing, the opportunities that they are wanting to pursue, and how and why they might be willing to consider your solution.

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