CMOs: Are You Cheating on Your CIO?

File this under “make partnership, not war.”  On the other hand, it wasn’t too long ago when the CIO had the CMO’s agenda at the very bottom of the pile.  Goes around, comes around.  Regardless, the article points to why the two need to work together…

It’s time for couple’s therapy. Start with finding some common ground because pounding on the past and harping on differences just isn’t helpful. Six things to consider…

1)      Both CIOs and CMOs know how to get things done.

2)      They both rely on making good technology decisions to help them make an impact on the business. And they become dependent on that stable of providers.

3)      They both love the next new tech toy or gadget and like showing them off.

4)      They both have huge suggestion boxes nailed to their virtual doors because everyone is a self-appointed expert in their field.

5)      The leadership team thinks they can produce magical results within their current constraints – because they often pull it off.

6)      And they both don’t sleep through the night. Their jobs are never actually done. They could always be doing something more.

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