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Most Marketers Feel Teams Are Ill-Equipped to Handle New Trends And Tech

From www.marketingcharts.comToday, 8:29 AM

Compare this chart to the next scoop regarding the fundamental and seismic shift in marketing, and the gap becomes very apparent. It’s a different type of staff that the marketer needs to execute on the strategy that is forming as a result of marketing technologies…


Only 46% of marketers say their teams are well equipped to handle new trends and technologies, per results from a survey by Aquent and the American Marketing Association (AMA). The study, which gauged marketing salaries and recruitment trends, also found that slightly less than half of the respondents feel that they have the people needed on their team to meet the organization’s marketing objectives. Despite these challenges, though, 7 in 10 agree that their marketing strategy will positive impact their organization financially this year.



The Importance of Analytics to B2B Marketing (Automation) Success

From www.leftbraindga.comToday, 8:19 AM

The following from the article is so pertinent and important that we are curating the whole quote.  HOWEVER, take in this quote with the adjacent scoop that talks to the issue of marketers struggling with staying ahead of the technology…


In the DemandGen report, Malcolm Friedberg, head of LeftBrain DGA, a marketing partner of ours sums it up best:

The application of technology is rebirthing marketing and, quite literally, shaking our discipline to its core. New expertise. New agencies. New approaches. Sure, some of the same skills still apply, but there’s a complementary set that’s now essential. And while brand may not be dead, it certainly has a new, left brain-focused partner in crime: marketing analytics.

The marketing analytics revolution promises to help B2B marketers achieve new levels of professional excellence. Yet this endless horizon also has the potential to derail a whole generation of marketers.


The proliferation of technology is expanding so rapidly that it’s impossible to keep up with every niche product. The best marketers won’t necessarily be the ones with the best strategy or most skillful execution. Success will hinge on something much more pragmatic: understanding technology and how to apply it.


In the midst of this growing challenge, however, one thing is absolutely assured: The requirement for analytics-based decision making is here to stay. No matter which set of tools marketers use, we must continue to embrace this new standard. The renaissance of marketing is about measurement, accountability and ROI. And marketers that become skillful at extracting marketing intelligence from this watershed of integrated data will become tomorrow’s marketing leaders.




3 Simple Ways to Create a More Effective Email

From www.heinzmarketing.comToday, 10:21 AM

Heinz Marketing reinforces for us “Blocking and tackling”…get that right, and the subsequent complex becomes less so. Simplicity to improving your email efforts, and here’s a summary of their posting…


1. Create a clear Call to Action (CTA)
What do you want your customers to DO after they’ve opened and read the email? When you figure out that out, present it in a short, clear phrase that your customer can quickly find and click on. You want to make it as easy as possible for them to act on your CTA.

2. Use relevant and concise content
You’ve figured out your CTA, and now it’s time to convince your customers to act. As you create the email content (copy, pictures, videos, etc.), here are some points that will help you fine-tune your message:

  • Make sure your content is relevant to your customers
  • Keep copy short and to-the-point
  • Present the benefits of your product/service upfront

3. Use a short, specific subject line
Keep these points in mind when writing your next subject line:

  • Keep it short, between 40-50 characters
  • Be specific—Why should someone open your email?
  • Make sure the line directly relates to the content in your email (“tricking” someone into opening the email won’t give them incentive to act on your CTA)
  • Avoid words that will set off spam filters (such as Free!, 50% Off, Subscribe, Click Here, Amazing)



5 Steps to the Perfect Drip Campaign: A Case Study

From www.pardot.comToday, 10:16 AM

An informative post that provides a nice template for approach drip campaigns.  Click through: it’s a quick read.  Here are the results…


After evaluating their campaigns, KANA Software was pleased to find that their targeted lead nurturing campaigns had succeeded in moving leads through the sales funnel, increasing click-through rates and driving engaged traffic. They reported the following statistics:

  • The average CTR on their drip emails was 3x higher than their normal blast email click-through rate.
  • Submission rates were higher than on their CPC landing pages (34.19% vs. 2.63%) and drove more engaged traffic to their site.
  • Site visits originating from drip emails lasted an average of 3:02, versus a 1:56 average visit time for all traffic.



The “Dragonfly Effect” Model

From www.dragonflyeffect.comToday, 10:08 AM

We thought it worthwhile to scoop this infographic and deliver it to you so that you could review its potential around building customer loyalty.  Click on the image to take you to more detail behind the four wings. Your call as to its applicability to what you do/market…



Getting Socially Minded: Marketers to Up Their Social Media Ads in 2013

From blog.nielsen.comToday, 10:13 AM

Too broad of a study for our liking, as it doesn’t differentiate B2B marketers, however, the overall study’s finding may be applicable to LinkedIn.  FWIW, and a snippet…


U.S. consumers spend 20 percent of their online time and 30 percent of their smartphone time on social media—accounting for a whopping 121 billion minutes each month. And marketers are starting to adjust their ad campaigns and budgets to keep pace, according to a recent survey commissioned by Vizu, a Nielsen company.


While 89 percent of the advertisers surveyed said they use free tools—such as pages, posts, likes and pins—75 percent say they currently invest in paid social media advertising, which includes tactics such as sponsored content, brand graphs and driving likes. In fact, 64 percent plan to spend more on social in the future.



[Infographic] Complete Color Guide for Designers

From www.linchpinseo.comToday, 10:00 AM

This infographic reminded us: “where’s our copy of Pocket Pal”?



Email Marketing: 7 resources for email optimization

From www.marketingexperiments.comToday, 9:58 AM

MECLABS has posted seven resources that will definitely assist you with your email marketing efforts.  Very worthwhile to review or bookmark for later reading…


When Should You Send An Email? How one of the largest banks in the world discovered when to send its email
In this free, 60-minute Web clinic video replay, Flint McGlaughlin, Managing Director, MECLABS, explores elements to consider when looking for the optimal send time and frequency for your email marketing campaigns.


Email Optimization: 72% of marketers test subject lines
We surveyed 2,735 marketers and asked them which email marketing elements they test most.


Email Marketing Timing: When is the optimal time to send your next marketing email?
Your peers discuss lessons they’ve learned with examples and insights into email marketing timing.


Email Marketing: Questions about subject line length, differentiating alert emails, and multivariate testing
In this blog post, we address common email marketing questions.


Email Marketing: Tips from your peers about writing subject lines
Your peers share their experiences writing effective subject lines. Hint: focus more on your audience, less on tricks.


Email Marketing Video: Crafting effective email messages
“Any marketing that does not influence a decision is a waste,” Flint McGlaughlin said. In this blog post, we share Flint’s full keynote from Email Summit 2012 – “Crafting Effective Email Messages: How a recent experiment helped MECLABS researchers achieve a 104% increase in email response.”


Email Messaging: How overcoming 3 common errors increased clickthrough 104%
In this Web clinic replay, Flint teaches a methodology to help determine if you are making common email marketing errors and how to overcome them.



The value of rich snippets and structured data

From econsultancy.comToday, 9:53 AM

The article talks to the value of rich snippets and it’s impact of your SERP.  A few pulled items of note from the article…


In exchange for providing Google with structured data, Google uses that data and provides the searcher with even more relevant information specific to their search. There are several forms of structured data that you can utilise so they will appear within SERPs, and nine are listed in Google’s Rich Snippet Testing Tool.


It’s very nice to have rich snippets appear in the SERPs but you essentially want to do this to improve your own site. So, taking the concept that using rich snippets increase your exposure within a SERP, you now have more opportunity to attract that searcher to visit your site. Rich snippets can be optimised too. You can use the rel author tag by experimenting which profile picture attracts people the most.



Why a Mobile Website Is Part of Any Business Plan [INFOGRAPHIC]

From contently.comToday, 8:42 AM



Facebook drives most social B2B traffic, but Twitter is top for conversions: report

From econsultancy.comToday, 8:39 AM

This interesting finding from the recent Optify report (scooped in The Marketing Automation Alert) has an impact on your B2B social media efforts.  Take note of this snippet…


According to the findings, Facebook drives the most traffic compared to Twitter and LinkedIn, but Twitter generates the most leads.


In fact, Twitter achieves a higher conversion rate (2.17%) than the average for all channels combined (1.6%) including organic and paid search. In comparison, LinkedIn and Facebook achieve conversion rates of 0.8% and 0.74% respectively.


But when it comes to the number of pageviews per visit, LinkedIn is the top performer with 2.48, followed by Facebook (1.94) and Twitter (1.51).



How to Turbo Charge Marketing Automation with B2B Purchase Behavior Data

From www.commpro.bizToday, 8:34 AM

We normally do not curate product announcements or advertorials, however, we found this interesting, and worth noting for your investigation…


[Marketing Automation] systems use explicit data (website visits, email open/click-through, viewed product demo, etc.) and implicit (company size, revenue, industry, number of employees) prospect data to execute demand campaigns, score leads, trigger social and email campaigns and ultimately determine a prospect’s propensity to buy or generate “sales ready” leads.  While these systems make it easier to score and nurture leads based on implicit information and explicit data, they typically lack one very important piece of data: purchase behavior—what a company buys—and how that behavior changes over time.


This is where B2B purchase behavior data comes in.  A new breed of B2B information providers like Cortera track trillions-of-dollars in B2B purchases and deliver the most valuable, hard-to-find explicit data: purchasing behavior—which is highly valuable to lead scoring and can turbo-charge a marketing automation system’s performance, drive marketing performance through the roof and dramatically increase revenue.  Understanding a company’s purchase behavior –what they buy—is enabling a growing list of forward thinking B2B marketing and sales professionals to:

–> Develop purchase behavior-based buyer personas
–> Ensure messaging and offers are highly relevant to target buyers
–> Predict what their prospects and customer will likely buy in the future
–> Determine which prospect have a propensity to buy products like theirs
–> Improve their ability to identify premium customers
–> Improve cross-selling opportunities
–> Dramatically improve marketing conversion rates, sales closure rates and revenue



Infographic – The Gold Standard Of Content Marketing

From, 8:14 AM

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