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A great article if you’re in the throes of a marketing automation implementation.  Nick Panayi is director-global brand and digital marketing for CSC, and they finished a complete marketing automation implementation last year.  The secret to his success was not the technology, but these three points. We’ve summarized them, but you’ll want to click-through…

Success Driver No. 1: Establish a common lexicon. Do yourself a favor: Before you start doing anything else, do a small test. Ask some key folks in sales, sales ops, corporate marketing, field marketing, IT and a few others to jot down the various stages of the sales funnel, with clear definitions for every stage. Inevitably, you will get significantly more than one answer.  Then, build a slide or two proposing a common taxonomy. I recommend starting with the baseline sales funnel taxonomy from the IDC Marketing Council or SiriusDecisions, and then making as few adjustments as possible where your business processes demand it.

Success Driver No. 2: Over-communicate. Don’t forget that many constituents who will help you make this successful don’t have a common understanding of what marketing automation is and why you should invest in it now. Pull together a short deck and go on a “mini-road show” to meet with key people from every function that will contribute to and/or benefit from the marketing automation project.

Success Driver No. 3: Hire the smartest people you can find. The best, most technologically sophisticated marketing ecosystem won’t do you much good without well-thought-out business processes and skilled, new-generation marketers who know how to take full advantage of the technology. Eloqua, as powerful a platform as it is, cannot do the thinking for you.

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