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Featured Marketing Automation Article


FREE 2013 Report from Marketo – SiriusView: Marketing Automation Platforms

From pages2.marketo.comToday, 8:54 AM

FREE report, compliments of Marketo.  “This comprehensive research study is designed to help organizations evaluate all aspects of vendors’ marketing management offerings and capabilities, and streamline the vendor selection process.”



Why Most Marketers Fail at Content Marketing – OMI

From www.onlinemarketinginstitute.orgToday, 10:06 AM

The author points out the pitfalls that we need to avoid when creating the fuel for the marketing automation process.  Here’s a summary of her points…


Before you begin a marketing campaign, ask yourself if you are making one of these common mistakes:

Mistake #1: They fail to use a content calendar

Using a content calendar is the foundation of a content marketing strategy. Content should not be created as an afterthought but rather planned out ahead of time. The content calendar should map out and plan the marketing for the year and all other activities should revolve around that calendar.

Mistake #2: They fail to use buyer personas

What some business owners fail to understand is that to have an effective marketing campaign, you need to have the right message to the right audience at the right time.  If you don’t understand who your customer is, you cannot create the right message for them. You need to understand who they are so you can know the questions they will be asking. With that knowledge, you can create content for buyer personas and each stage of the sales cycle.

Mistake #3: They fail to understand what good content is

Good content today is not just about grammar and spelling.  Good content today is measured by content that is commented, liked, and shared.

Mistake #4: They think their job is done when the content is created

On the opposite extreme of trying to market a website and ask for content later, is the act of going through the process of creating high quality content and then not marketing it. Content promotion is actually 80% of the job. 

Mistake #5: They don’t have a specific, measurable result

Although not every piece of content can always generate a result, a good content marketing strategy will have a specific goal.  Before beginning a content marketing strategy, map out what specific goals you want to achieve with your content marketing.



Email Marketing: How do customers read your emails? – MECLABS

From, 9:07 AM

Flint is fairly intense, but he’s always spot-on with his analysis and observation.  Take the two minutes to review this video…



FREE Sample Marketing Automation RFP from HubSpot

From offers.hubspot.comToday, 8:45 AM

If you’re considering marketing automation, you’ll want to jump on this FREE offer from HubSpot…


Successful RFPs help you identify an exceptional partner to solve your marketing challenges and align your organization around the decision. To help you make the RFP process as seamless and successful as possible, the HubSpot team has assembled a sample marketing automation RFP to help you navigate the process, shape internal thinking on key features and needs, and ultimately, identify a vendor with the experience, software, and services to meet your marketing needs for many years to come.



2013 — The Year Ahead In Mobile [SLIDE DECK] – Business Insider

From www.businessinsider.comToday, 8:33 AM

We thought it too important not to deliver this deck to you from Business Insider.  Great insight into the growth of mobile.  Note growth of mobile advertising starting on slide 69.



Is Viral Marketing a Myth? – Sloan Management Review

From, 9:11 AM

Some actual data associated with the return from viral marketing methods, and we assume it would be even less for the B2B marketing realm.  Not promising at all, and stick this in your back pocket should you face a HIPPO on viral marketing.  Highlights…


The best any of these seven online scenarios did was to get passed along more than once in six percent of cases. That happened both for Yahoo Voice and Friend Sense. Goel isn’t using models, by the way; this is real world data.


For marketers, Goel’s research means it’s time to abandon the idea that viral marketing via social media will lead to tenfold organic growth.


But Goel has some good news for marketers: while things don’t go viral like the flu, they can get a 20 percent return – for every 10 adoptees of a conventional marketing effort, another two people will adopt something organically.


“Your business plan better not depend on 100x growth through word of mouth,” Goel says. “But 20 percent is nothing to scoff at. And you can put that into your business plan.”



Making Good Infographics: Planning, Teams, Data and Designers [Infographic]

From infographicjournal.comToday, 8:39 AM

Another Coffee Table Book on Coffee Tables (Q: who wrote that book?).  A good backgrounder on the creation of infographics…



Infographic: Why Content Marketing Works – WOMMA

From www.womma.orgToday, 10:22 AM



An Exciting Time for SEO in the Enterprise [Infographic] – Mavenlink via Profs

From www.marketingprofs.comToday, 10:19 AM

Mavenlink published this infographic in November, and Profs has republished.  Nice overview of the importance of SEO in the enterprise, and a means by which to benchmark your activities…



5 Creative Ways B2B Marketers Can Use Twitter’s Vine — NewIncite

From www.newincite.comToday, 10:12 AM

We’re still struggling to understand how Twitter’s Vine can play a major role in the B2B marketing automation process. We’re looking at Vine as just a means to distribute video content that teases to click to an offer.  Not much you can do in 6 seconds. Here’s a summary of one take as to how Vine can assist…


Here is how Twitter defines Vine:

Vine is a mobile service that lets you capture and share short looping videos. Like Tweets, the brevity of videos on Vine (6 seconds or less) inspires creativity. (Twitter blog post)


From what little I’ve seen, I think there are some opportunities for B2B marketers:

1. Quick how-to’s about a product or service.

2. A sped-up video of how a brand has changed over time.

3. A quick video of your company’s timeline or milestones.

4. A six-second press conference for crisis communications or to set the record straight.

5. Quick announcements about the company – tombstones, deals, new employees.



How to Optimize Contact Forms for Conversions [INFOGRAPHIC] – QuickSprout

From www.quicksprout.comToday, 9:20 AM

From QuickSprout by way of Funnelholic.



Small Firms: LinkedIn Works, Twitter Doesn’t – WSJ

From online.wsj.comToday, 9:15 AM

No surprise here: we consistently find LinkedIn as the best B2B and SMB social media tool.  More evidence based on this article snippet…


Six out of 10 small-business owners say they think social-media tools are important for growth, but while 41% singled out LInkedIn as having the most potential to help their companies, most weren’t impressed with Twitter. Professional-networking service LinkedIn Corp. topped the survey, with 41% of respondents singling it out as potentially beneficial to their company. Sixteen percent picked YouTube, the video service owned by Google Inc., and 14% chose social network Facebook Inc.



Five Essential Factors To Consider Before You Allocate Marketing Spend – Aprimo

From blog.aprimo.comToday, 9:03 AM

For B2B marketers with larger companies, this article reminds us of the need to step back and look at all the variables impacting marketing strategy before mapping out spending…


1. Internal objectives. Ask yourself: What do you aspire to achieve? But remember, these days, your plan needs to do more than just align objectives to a budget handed down from management.  You’re also expected to bring viable, creative (yet affordable) opportunities to the table and show senior management you have strategies to achieve them.

2. World events. Keep a close eye on international news and forecasts. Are certain areas too risky for investment?

3. Regs and legs. How will evolving regulations and legislation affect your marketing plans?

4. Industry and financial analyst reports. Industry analysts can be valuable sources of insights –as long as you remember to view their reports in a context that’s meaningful for your company.

5. Results. I can’t stress this enough: Marketers need to start investing in results. It’s time to throw out those reams of old spreadsheets and update your processes to include marketing spend software. There’s really no other way to get the visibility you need across today’s multi-channel campaigns; there’s really no other way to efficiently see when you need to step in and stop the bleed on programs that aren’t working and/or throttle up those that are performing well.  The point is, successful marketing is well-planned marketing, and successful marketing delivers demonstrable ROI.

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