8 Key Performance Indicators for Content Marketing Measurement

We all inherently examine these types of metrics, but it should be a part of your daily routine to mechanize and standardize on a daily reporting format.  Here’s a summary of the author’s take on KPIs…

Here is a definitive guide to what KPIs you should be measuring for your content marketing initiatives.



1. Unique visits: It is important to keep in mind that not all unique visits are the same. For example, a unique visit to a white paper might be much more valuable for lead generation purposes than a unique visit to a blog — especially if that visit spends more time with the content (which we’ll get more into later on).

2. Geography: Understanding where your content is being read is important in order to understand where to allocate more budget and resources based on where your audience is.

3. Mobile readership: a key to determining how to optimize your content and its design (i.e., responsive design) for future publications.



4. Bounce rates/time spent: An obvious goal (and one that’s critical to engagement) is to not lose your reader because you didn’t deliver on their expectation of what they were clicking on.  Both bounce rate percent and time spent metrics are good early indicators of how engaged the traffic to your content is.

5. Heat maps and click patterns: There are many great tools out there that illustrate how your audience is engaging with a page and its content. One such tool, CrazyEgg, allows you to create heat maps to see what sections of a page are getting the most views.

6. Page views: This is another basic KPI that is often overlooked. We discussed UVs earlier, but understanding the correlation between UVs and page views (PVs) is an important one. A high page views/UVs multiple is a good sign that your audience is engaged — and quite often means that they are coming back regularly to your content.




8. Social sharing: Making your content easily shareable is critical for almost all content marketing initiatives. What better way to find new eyeballs for your digital content than by having people share it to their networks?

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