Three Steps for Making (Big or Small) Data Work for Marketers – Profs

No Big Data?  No problem. The author offers some very obvious points, but our guess is that many of us just don’t do what he offers in this summary…

With a few simple steps, data can work for you even if you don’t have fancy tools. Here are three steps that can make the most impact.

1. Get to know the data

Take a look around your organization and see what is being measured.  Start with your own department, noting that what is reported is typically a culled down version of a larger set of data. See whether there are things being measured that can help paint a larger picture of customer behavior, or can be used across functions. Next, check out what other departments are measuring and see whether relevant information is already being aggregated; you’d be surprised at the metrics that may not be shared across departments.

2. Measure everything

If you’re not already measuring everything that you have control over, start now. Doing so can be as simple as creating a spreadsheet and using a naming system that gives everything you do a marketing type, campaign name, target audience, and date. Then, any information you collect, from Facebook posts to product announcements, can go into the spreadsheet for measurement.

3. Measure often

Once you’ve started measuring everything, make sure you set regular times to do a full metrics check. For our marketing team, we do a weekly pull of data from across the department every Thursday afternoon.


Using those three steps can help you gain greater control over your organization’s marketing efforts and it can lead to better and more rapid decision making. Over time, you should be able to uncover valuable insight into campaign performance, product adoption, social media channel effectiveness, marketing messaging optimization, and a lot more.

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