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Using social media to enhance marketing isn’t just for consumer marketing companies like Coca-Cola, Netflix and Starbucks. Marketers in B2B companies are finding strategic benefits from using social media too.


To find the potential of social media for B2B marketing, Brennan and Croft first laid out four strategic capabilities that today are considered key to successful B2B marketing. These are:

  1. The ability to develop an information-based approach to business-to-business branding
  2. Managing buyer-seller relationships
  3. Facilitating trusting relationships between buyers and sellers
  4. Creation of a market driving brand strategy (that is, not just responding to market trends, but helping to create them)

Based on their research, Brennan and Croft concluded that several of these companies were using social media to enhance the four key strategic marketing capabilities (described above), and that U.S. firms were furthest along. Companies that are using social media are using the tools to position themselves as thought leaders, to take a market-driving role in the sector and to build relationships with a range of stakeholder groups.

iNeoMarketing‘s insight:

If you needed further proof, here it is and presented in an intelligent framework.  To purchase the study: The Use of Social Media in B2B Marketing and Branding: An Exploratory Study.

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