Customer Experience Matrix: And Our Forecast of B2B Marketing Automation Revenue for 2013 is…. – David Raab

Article synopsis/excerpts…

The VEST contains a great deal of information that provides interesting insights into industry trends. But by far the most quoted piece of content is our estimate of industry size, which we put at $525 million for 2012.


[Sector] estimates showed a six month growth of 18% in total clients and 17% in revenue run rate. The revenue figure is more meaningful because it adjusts for the size of clients, which the raw client count does not. Doubling that to a twelve-month rate would yield expectation of 35% revenue increase.  That seemed downright scary.

Happily, my estimates for the major firms came up with 52% revenue growth for 2013.  That seemed a little more encouraging. I’ve split the difference and gone with a 45% rate.

Bottom line, then: Raab Associates official estimate of B2B marketing automation vendor revenues for 2013 is $750 million.

iNeoMarketing‘s insight:

No one covers the marketing automation space better than David Raab.  He not only knows the industry, but he knows the products dead cold. This is solid data.

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