How To Write Web Content That Gets Read: 7 Tips For B2B Marketers | Business 2 Community

Here’s 7 ways to optimise your content for maximum readability.

1. White space is your friend

2. Use the mini headline

3. Use deep captions.

With most people using the email preview pane and viewing meta descriptions on Google searches “deep captions” are two to three lines long and can be seen as an extension to the heading.

4. Add highly relevant links

5. Use bulleted lists

6. Use formatting to enhance your story logic

Bold important concepts. You reader should be able to scan through your subheadings and bolded text and get the gist of your story.

7. Harness the power of numbers

People love lists and groupings. The top 10 things…The 3 steps to…This is grist to the scanner’s mill. Breaking down complex subject sinto bit sized lists.

iNeoMarketing‘s insight:

Simple, easy steps to improve the presentation of the written word.

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