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Looking for free SEO tools and social media monitoring services to measure the return on investment of your digital marketing campaigns – look no further.


A) Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tools

Keyword Research

1. Keyword Density Checker

2. Screaming Frog


Competitive Landscape Research

Domain Authority and Backlink Measurements

3. OpenSiteExplorer


Competitor Paid Search Campaign Insight – Free Now While in BETA

4. SpyFu Recon Files


Measure the SEO Health of your Website

5. WooRank

6. Marketing Grader

B) Social Media Monitoring Tools

Monitor Sentiment

7. Social Mention

Services to Count Social Mentions

8. Shared Count


C) Link Tracking on Print Media

Link Shorteners


11. Google URL Shortener


QR Code Creator

12. Kaywa:

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