Three Reasons Why Marketing Automation Initiatives Fail | The Mx Group

You purchase a marketing automation platform, but few are nurtured, followed-up on, and conversion isn’t optimized and no additional intel about your leads.


Smart marketers understand the power of systems that can score, segment and nurture leads and are pushing to harness that potential for their organizations. However, success in marketing automation requires more than just a technology platform – it takes a comprehensive strategy and ongoing resource commitments. All of these investments – technology, processes and people – can pay big dividends but investing in one without the other two will leave you disappointed.

You may only get one chance to get this Initiative off the ground – if you’re realistic and focus on the big picture, you’ll maximize your chances for success – and maybe you’ll be sitting at the next company meeting with the Holy Grail in your hands.

iNeoMarketing‘s insight:

The article covers the three biggest areas where MA will fail, and we completely agree: lack of content strategy, getting sales on-board, and lack of marketing resources. It’s not the technology, but how the technology is implemented.

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