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If one looks at all of the changes happening around us and then looks ahead at where all of this is going, longer content and blogs will likely have more relevancy going forward, and here are 5 reasons why:

1) The perception that longer content is of better quality, but generally speaking, length gives writers the opportunity to dive deeper and teach better on any given subject.

2) ROI: bigger and better content, when consumed, can have a dramatic impact on consumers and potential clients.

3) More visual capabilities: the more visual components an article or piece of content has the more likely it is to draw attention and be read.

4) Penguin, Panda and Google like Big Content

5) Longer content gets more Social Shares

iNeoMarketing‘s insight:

This post convinced us that long content is desirable, and we are going to strive to produce long content. We were of the mindset that few have time to spend on anything longer than a quick burst, e.g., Seth’s blog posts. However, the argument in this post + the average time spent on The Marketing Automation Alert (close to 10 minutes per visitor) convinces us that longer content may be the way to go. Seriously, what does it take to convert a white paper into a piece of solid long content?

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