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As a B2B marketer do you know your marketing maths? Can you recite your buyer stage conversion ratios to your boss the next time you meet?

Two FREE valuable tools are available:

1) Download this simple tool that will help you calculate your marketing maths. Its only a starting point and ignores one crucial element – the time it takes for your buyers to move down the  funnel – but it will help you understand some of your core conversion ratios.

2) Marketers must install a test-analyse-improve-retest process (perhaps even culture) in the marketing function. Data is only useful when it is acted upon. This eBook discusses in greater detail how you might install a testing regime. However, being agile in your marketing allows organisations to try a tactic, measure its success, adjust if its not working optimally, try and measure once more, adjust and so on.

iNeoMarketing‘s insight:

We scooped this because of the free offers from G2M.  Simple, easy, FREE tools: just the way we like it.

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