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Featured Marketing Automation Article #1


Content marketing: the Anatomy of Great Content – Steve Seager

From www.steveseager.comToday, 9:13 AM

The Anatomy of Great Content: a framework for content marketers to develop great content for content marketing on the social web


DOWNLOAD THE PDF: The Anatomy of Great Content: a content marketing model for B2B marketers and strategic communicators.


iNeoMarketing‘s insight:

Copy, print, and post it to your wall and carry it around with you.



Featured Marketing Automation Article #2


The blurring of agencies, software vendors, and IT shops – Chief Marketing Technologist

From chiefmartec.comToday, 8:30 AM

The Jordan Edmiston Group, Inc. (JEGI), a leading investment bank in the marketing and media space, recently released a new report on the enterprise marketing management (EMM) stack.


Key paragraph…


It’s clear that agencies and IT/consulting services will be duking it out over the CMO’s increasingly technology-driven budget and attention. What’s interesting is that this strategic battle seems to be converging around the different layers of the EMM stack, as illustrated by JEGI’s graphic at the top of this post.


iNeoMarketing‘s insight:

Clearly enterprise marketing management oriented, and oh by the way, probably points to the reason why MA has a relatively low penetration rate: it may be that the nature of MA is geared towards the non-Fortune 1000 whereas the Fortune 1000 needs to operate/manage the full stack.



The Evolution of Modern Marketing Automation [Infographic] – Marketo via BlueGlass

From www.blueglass.comToday, 7:06 AM



Will SaaS Companies Build Internal Marketing Agencies? – Marketing Agency Insider

From www.marketingagencyinsider.comToday, 8:40 AM

Marketing SaaS providers have the talent, knowledge, finances, technical know-how and customer data needed to build an internal marketing agency, but will they?


Key paragraph…


SaaS providers are likely to offer more opportunities for marketing agencies than competition. That said, in many cases, they have the talent, knowledge, finances, technical know-how and intrinsic insight into the customer (read: data) that they could move into the marketing-services industry more heavily, if desired.


iNeoMarketing‘s insight:

The implication for the B2B marketer is this: look to marketing agencies to fill the ever-increasing gap between product offerings/features and your internal staff capabilities. This is a fairly obvious situation: SaaS companies cannot offer professional services as it brings down their key investment ratios.  So you need to look to partners (like iNeoMarketing).



Is Google+ a ghost town? (Umpf) via Econsultancy

From econsultancy.comToday, 6:55 AM



How much marketing is enough? – G2M Solutions

From, 7:23 AM

As a B2B marketer do you know your marketing maths? Can you recite your buyer stage conversion ratios to your boss the next time you meet?


Two FREE valuable tools are available:

1) Download this simple tool that will help you calculate your marketing maths. Its only a starting point and ignores one crucial element – the time it takes for your buyers to move down the  funnel – but it will help you understand some of your core conversion ratios.

2) Marketers must install a test-analyse-improve-retest process (perhaps even culture) in the marketing function. Data is only useful when it is acted upon. This eBook discusses in greater detail how you might install a testing regime. However, being agile in your marketing allows organisations to try a tactic, measure its success, adjust if its not working optimally, try and measure once more, adjust and so on.


iNeoMarketing‘s insight:

We scooped this because of the free offers from G2M.  Simple, easy, FREE tools: just the way we like it.



9 Landing Page Elements to Start Testing Now – Invesp

From www.invesp.comToday, 7:10 AM



Use the list below to help you determine which landing page elements you can use to begin testing:

  1. Page Headline
  2. Sub-Headline
  3. Calls to Action
  4. Page Layout
  5. Images
  6. Image Captions
  7. Copy and Font
  8. Testimonials
  9. Credibility Symbols


iNeoMarketing‘s insight:

If you needed to collect your thoughts about landing page testing, here’s a simple list. Blocking and tackling…



Three Investments B2B Marketers Should Consider Right Now – Gartner

From blogs.gartner.comToday, 8:09 AM

Key summary…


Let’s start with retention.  What marketers often forget: retained, happy customers, especially those willing to advocate, become a cost effective resource for new customer acquisition.


Inside sales, outside sales.  [Some] leads require further nurturing, best conducted by an inside sales team. Once these leads reach a high enough score, they are turned over to a salesperson, who is delighted to add a highly qualified prospect to his or her sales funnel. The result? A more appropriate, and more cost effective treatment of leads – and a higher producing outside sales team.

Organizations that follow this model, also known as Revenue Performance Management (RPM) find they can increase the quotas of outside sales people due thanks to inside sales nurturing.


Inbound, outbound. In our survey of digital marketers last year, nearly a third of those in the most mature state strongly agreed that their inbound marketing programs were generating more qualified leads than their outbound programs. They also noted the lower cost of Inbound leads. But outbound marketing is hardly over. Often there’s no faster way to build awareness than a paid media campaign, even if it does behave in a more traditional in-your-face, interrupt style fashion. But these marketers also tell me that these inbound  inquiries are being driven to landing pages, white papers, webinars and other assets that were initially designed for outbound programs.


iNeoMarketing‘s insight:

A view from 60K ft., and sensible. Blocking and tackling, and setting priorities for your organization. A solid, brief article.



The Best Content Marketing Is Free – Inc.

From, 7:55 AM

You could outsource this marketing, or you could tap a rich–but free–source of content right in front of you.


Your employees. Summary of tips on “making employee-generated content work for your business:”


1. Don’t try to force a style or “voice.”

2. Don’t limit the playing field.

The more people who participate–and the broader the range of functional areas participating–the more chances you have to meet different needs and engage different audiences.

3. Be gentle with editing.

4. Highlight and promote individual authors.

5. Ask authors to tie their social accounts to the content marketing platform.

6. Take advantage of Google author rank.

7. Share results.

8. Think beyond marketing.

9. Forget command and control.


iNeoMarketing‘s insight:

Many of us are hesitant about opening up content creation to the company employee base given the variety of depth and breadth of talent, however, the article raises an excellent point regarding utilization of internal resources. Just don’t know if volunteer content donation would work.



On-Page SEO Best Practices in 2013: 7 Rules of the Game – Marketing Technology Blog

From www.marketingtechblog.comToday, 8:17 AM

By now, I’m sure you’ve heard enough about on-page optimization to last a lifetime. I don’t want to repeat the same mantras you’ve been hearing since last year.




Most SEOs tend to think of on-page optimization as a very specific technical influx of code. You know the drill: meta tags, canonical URLs, alt tags, proper encoding, well-crafted, character-limit-abiding title tags, etc. Those are the basics. And at this point, they are very old-school. They continue to appear on the on-page SEO checklist, but you and I know that the whole demography of SEO has changed vastly, even though the basic premise has remained the same. Because of that change, the way you perceive on-page SEO has to adjust as well.

1. Meta Tags Are Just the Beginning

2. Canonical, Duplicate, Broken Links, etc.

3. The Robot’s Point of View

4. Load Time Averages and Size

5. Think Mobile, Think Responsive

6. Authority & AuthorRank

7. Design Shouldn’t Be the Last Thing On Your List


iNeoMarketing‘s insight:

A GREAT primer for those marketers who are not completely immersed in the science of SEO. If you want a backgrounder on on-page SEO that is non-technical, this is it. Strongly encourage clicking through to read.



6 Reasons Why B2B Social Marketing Is Different Than PR | Business 2 Community

From www.business2community.comToday, 8:44 AM



Here are six reasons why B2B social marketing is different than PR:

  1. B2B social marketing is about engaging prospects and customers. PR is about influencing the news media and industry analysts.
  2. B2B social marketing is about finding, engaging, and converting prospects into qualified leads. PR is about driving brand awareness and social buzz.
  3. B2B social marketing is about building relationships. PR is about making news.
  4. B2B social marketing is about bestowing value with helpful content and conversations. PR is about talking about your company and why it’s special.
  5. B2B social marketing is about what’s relevant to prospects and customers. PR is about what’s relevant to influencers.
  6. B2B social marketing is about the quality of your social community. PR is about the amount of fans, followers, and social reach you have.


iNeoMarketing‘s insight:

If you need to engage debate, here are the points to cover.



Study: Ads on social networks perform 2.5 times better than ads on other channels – BtoB Magazine

From www.btobonline.comToday, 9:01 AM

Posting in it’s entirety…


Ads on social networks perform better than ads on other channels, according to a study by media intelligence company Aggregate Knowledge. The study, “Q4 2012 Global Media Intelligence Report,” was based on an analysis of 530 online ad campaigns for Fortune 500 brands, with more than 35 billion ad impressions.


It found that, on average, ads on social networks perform 2.5 times better than ads on ad networks, ad exchanges and portals.


Also, according to the study, ad exchanges deliver clicks and conversions at a cost 29% below other channels, including social networks, portals and ad networks.


iNeoMarketing‘s insight:

Definitely food for thought for the B2B Marketer.



A Guide to Getting Started With Analytics – Search Engine Watch

From searchenginewatch.comToday, 8:58 AM

Just getting started with analytics and not sure where to start or specifically what the data means?


This post is intended for people who aren’t sure where to start or specifically what the data means. This article will cover analytics from a beginner’s perspective with explanations of five core areas, how to get to them, and what to look at while you’re there.


iNeoMarketing‘s insight:

Excellent primer on Google Analytics. If you need a beginner’s guide to Google Analytics, this is it. Tremendous resource that must be distributed to newbies and bookmarked for future reference.



Vine Analytics Already? Yep. And Free, Too – MarketingLand

From marketingland.comToday, 9:05 AM

If you’re one of those super-early adopters of Vine, there’s already a way to get a basic snapshot of how your six-second videos are performing.


The folks at Simply Measured have launched a simple Vine statistics report that brands or individuals can use. The service is basically free; it only costs you a tweet announcing that you’re using the tool.


Once the report is ready, you’ll be able to see a variety of stats related to engagement for your Vine videos shared during the previous seven days.


iNeoMarketing‘s insight:

We’re getting bullish on Vine, as we believe the 6 second, quick capture process will be a significant teaser tool for the B2B marketer.  As we’ve said before, it’s early, but keep your fingers on the pulse.



How to Hire an Inbound Marketing Consultant – Shebang

From www.shebangdesign.comToday, 9:09 AM

A once-a-month blog, lonely Twitter feed or on-again/off-again email blast does not an inbound marketing campaign make.


Key excerpt…


Naturally, you wouldn’t write a check to just anyone who hangs out an “Inbound Expert” shingle. You want to find someone who has the chops to deliver some ROI. What qualities should you expect?

  • Credibility
  • Connections
  • Collaboration
  • SEO
  • Content Creation
  • Social Media
  • CTA and Landing Page Optimization
  • Lead Management
  • Analysis and Reporting


iNeoMarketing‘s insight:

We concur, and would add marketing automation expertise to the list. And the way we view the world: it should be atop the list.



[INFOGRAPHIC] Billion Dollar Startups | Blog

From www.staff.comToday, 9:21 AM

There are not many startups that make it to a billion dollar valuation. Here are the few that did make it. We’ve included only companies that started in 2004 and onwards (the year when Facebook was founded).


iNeoMarketing‘s insight:

Here’s the shocker to us: the value of Twitter vs. Dropbox.  Had no idea the gap was that small (assuming you believe the $1B is small!). Do the quick math to compare valuation/employee for the two.

iNeoMarketing‘s insight:

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