Three Investments B2B Marketers Should Consider Right Now – Gartner

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Let’s start with retention.  What marketers often forget: retained, happy customers, especially those willing to advocate, become a cost effective resource for new customer acquisition.


Inside sales, outside sales.  [Some] leads require further nurturing, best conducted by an inside sales team. Once these leads reach a high enough score, they are turned over to a salesperson, who is delighted to add a highly qualified prospect to his or her sales funnel. The result? A more appropriate, and more cost effective treatment of leads – and a higher producing outside sales team.

Organizations that follow this model, also known as Revenue Performance Management (RPM) find they can increase the quotas of outside sales people due thanks to inside sales nurturing.


Inbound, outbound. In our survey of digital marketers last year, nearly a third of those in the most mature state strongly agreed that their inbound marketing programs were generating more qualified leads than their outbound programs. They also noted the lower cost of Inbound leads. But outbound marketing is hardly over. Often there’s no faster way to build awareness than a paid media campaign, even if it does behave in a more traditional in-your-face, interrupt style fashion. But these marketers also tell me that these inbound  inquiries are being driven to landing pages, white papers, webinars and other assets that were initially designed for outbound programs.

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A view from 60K ft., and sensible. Blocking and tackling, and setting priorities for your organization. A solid, brief article.

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