Will SaaS Companies Build Internal Marketing Agencies? – Marketing Agency Insider

Marketing SaaS providers have the talent, knowledge, finances, technical know-how and customer data needed to build an internal marketing agency, but will they?

Key paragraph…

SaaS providers are likely to offer more opportunities for marketing agencies than competition. That said, in many cases, they have the talent, knowledge, finances, technical know-how and intrinsic insight into the customer (read: data) that they could move into the marketing-services industry more heavily, if desired.

iNeoMarketing‘s insight:

The implication for the B2B marketer is this: look to marketing agencies to fill the ever-increasing gap between product offerings/features and your internal staff capabilities. This is a fairly obvious situation: SaaS companies cannot offer professional services as it brings down their key investment ratios.  So you need to look to partners (like iNeoMarketing).

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