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Question 11: Are blogging and social media viable lead nurture tools?

In the realm of social media for B2B, LinkedIn is the clear winner over Facebook and Twitter. Appropriate use of LinkedIn can also increase your exposure to your target market. The key to blogging and social media as lead generation tools is to create quality content (3-5 pieces per week) that drives them to your website, where they can be led through the buying process.


Lead nurture addresses the process level. When a prospect lands on a Web page, reads an article, views a video, or in some way accesses a piece of content you’ve posted online, you need to consider both the specific stage of the buying process that content piece addresses and what it will take to move the prospect to the next step in the process. That is where most blogging and social media campaigns fall short as lead nurture tools. The tool isn’t the problem; it’s how the tool is used.


Question 12: Do all demographics respond well to lead nurturing?

Technical vs. Non-Technical Buyers

  • All buyers (technical and non-technical) are irrational. Feelings always take precedence over hard facts and data.
  • Non-technical buyers lend more credence to social proof (number of followers, etc.).
  • Technical buyers subconsciously respond to social proof but need more hard facts to power those subconscious feelings.
  • Non-technical buyers respond well to value propositions that address their need to be safe.
  • Technical buyers respond well to value propositions that address their need to be right.

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