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Here are six easy ways to make sure your LinkedIn photo does not suck!

  1. Recent Photos Are The First Steps Toward Your Authentic Brand! Change your photo every year and use the new photo across your other business-related social profiles!
  2. You Ought To Be In Pictures, But You Ought To Have Someone Else Take Your Photo.
  3. Your Photo Is Part Of Your Personal Brand, So Be Consistent Across Social Channels! Once you have a great photo, take the time to change your Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare and Instagram business profiles!
  4. Strike A Close-up Pose. Make sure to direct your photographer to take your picture against a bold and single-color background to put the focus onto your face! If you are in the middle of trying to lose some pounds, then ask your photographer to take a picture of you from the top of a stool, ladder or couch to hide that temporary double-chin!
  5. Avoid The “Right Said Fred” Look (i.e., the band that sang “I’m Too Sexy”). I have seen too many profile photos by women who look topless, since are wearing off-shoulder clothing. Enough said.
  6. I’ve Seen The Light, And It Does Not Include Shadows, Avoids Direct Sunlight And Overhead Light!

iNeoMarketing‘s insight:

Don’t think you’re not immune this this! Take these tips into consideration and change your photo.

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