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Tie social media activity to the bottom line with these four social media analytics tools.


Google Analytics Advanced Segments

Utilizing the advanced segment features within Google Analytics, we can collect a wealth of information about how each social channel is performing with respect to driving traffic and conversions on a website. The graphic below illustrates a custom segment that includes visits from Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest. We can also create similar segments that isolate visits, conversions and other measurable website behaviors from a single social media channel.


Zuum Social

Zuum primarily provides competitive analytics for Facebook pages. Compare up to 10 Facebook Pages over a time period of your choosing. Similar to Facebook Insights, we can also see performance by post to find out which posts earn the most Comments, Likes and Shares. All of the metrics below help us understand the kinds of content we can and should be producing to improve upon share volume.


Retweet Rank

What this tool lacks in interface aesthetics, it more than makes up for in helpful data. Retweet Rank is obviously a Twitter analytics tool. While we can still use Google Analytics or our favorite URL shortener to measure clicks to a website link, Retweet Rank shows us a trendline for retweets, the particular posts that have been retweeted, and a list of the most influential accounts to share our content on Twitter.



It seems Pinterest tools are popping up faster than rodents in a game of Whac-a-Mole lately. One tool that has effectively found a way to measure Pinerest account activity including “repins” is PinLeague. This tool allows you to monitor Pinterest follower growth and repin behavior over a specific time period, and monitor repin quantities for boards and individual pins. The ability to see what specific boards and pins are capable of garnering repins is extremely valuable when trying to source or create new Pinterest content.

iNeoMarketing‘s insight:

Great review of important social media measurement tools. You’ll want to click through for the screen shots as well as costs. After deploying these four tools, we can see a potent analytics report.

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