74% of businesses believe user experience is key for improving sales – Econsultancy


Almost three-quarters (74%) of businesses believe that the user experience is important for improving sales and conversions, according to data in our new User Experience Survey Report. Increased customer satisfaction (72%) and customer loyalty (44%) were also popular responses, however few business appear convinced of the cost-saving benefits of improving the user experience.


The results show that a majority of business recognise that user experience is fundamental to driving sales.


When asked to list the three most important business benefits of an improved user experience, increased sales/conversions was the most commonly cited answer.


Interestingly reducing costs was one of the least popular answers, with only 16% of client-side respondents and 17% of agency respondents citing reducing cost-per acquisition (CPA) as one of their three most important benefits.  This seems to reflect a lack of awareness as to how an improved user experience can positively affect the bottom line by reducing costs as well as by increasing revenue.

iNeoMarketing‘s insight:

Second article in two days that points to the cost savings (increase in productivity) benefits associated with today’s marketing mindset. Yesterday it was Big Data. Today: customer experience. Another post to keep in mind as you build ROI models for your organization.

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