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When I think of the phrase “white paper”, I think of a paper with lots of white in it and whole lot of boring.  Here are the words that come to mind: Boring Dry Lots of typing, a logo, and maybe so…


But marketers are on a creative streak again and it’s awesome for the rest of us.  I wrote some recent posts about how organizations are creating moving infographics and video, and today’s post is how marketers are taking on the traditional whitepaper and creating exciting written content.  Some of the killer written content we are seeing out there is:

  • Designed with exciting colors, images with innovative layouts
  • An exciting topic
  • Readable
  • Interesting role-based content
  • A mix of bullets and paragraphs
  • Has new names instead of whitepaper: Handbook, guide, textbook (see below)

iNeoMarketing‘s insight:

We could not agree more. Look: at the end of the day it depends on your audience preferences, e.g., perhaps a good portion of your targets prefer white papers. But we think the major takeaway is this: leverage! Leverage your content across a variety of deliverables. You may find your audience prefers something other that white papers.

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