Three Key Job Roles to Make Your Marketing Automation Rock – Marketo

You need a team of superstars to make your marketing automation rock. Read this blog to find out who you should be hiring.


Content Manager

Make sure you have an individual who can create a steady stream of great content.  With marketing automation software, it becomes easier to scale programs (e.g. different job functions at different verticals), so you will need someone who can create effective content for the programs and re-purpose it.  This could be a product marketer, an evangelist, someone from marketing communications manager, or a new hire such as a brand journalist. Ideally, this person will have some writing in his or her background.


Marketing Operations Manager

You will need someone who enjoys mechanics. Setting up integrations, key reports, segmentation, and flows in the system are just some of the activities a good marketing operations person will do.  This is one of the most critical roles to get right because they are essential to building the technological framework.  A good framework = total and complete awesomeness.  A bad framework = wasted time and added expense, which we all know equals bad things.  A good candidate for this is anyone on your team who enjoys technical details, has a good mind for process and how things work, and feels happy when in Excel.


Nurturing Manager

This role makes sure you are squeezing the juice from the orange.  They will work with your content manager and make sure their programs have the right content mapped to the buying cycle.  It is also a very critical role because when done well, since nurtured leads can produce a 20 percent increase in sales opportunities versus non-nurtured leads.  It is ideal to have someone in this role who understands your buyer and user personas, and also is very good at thinking through the right workflows.  I have seen strong marketing programs people succeed in this role.

iNeoMarketing‘s insight:

We know from experience that there are many ways to approach how to implement and manage marketing technologies, and at the end of the day, it depends on your budget, your supporting internal resources (and their willingness to work with you!), and your partners’ capabilities. The aforementioned is applicable to not only marketing automation but all marketing technologies.

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