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Avoid these 4 common mistakes that B2B marketers make when it comes to nurturing their leads.


Here are the top 4 mistakes that B2B marketers should avoid when it comes to nurturing their leads:

1. Campaign goals aren’t SMART

Brainstorm goals that are:

  • Specific: simple
  • Measurable: manageable
  • Attainable: achievable
  • Relevant: results-oriented
  • Timely: time-oriented

2. Campaigns are not targeted to persona

Do you even know who your personas are? To know them well, you need to understand their:

  • Business challenges
  • Their business goals (KPIs or MBOs)
  • Career goals
  • Role and responsibilities
  • Company culture
  • Favourite internet destinations
  • Personal background

3. Campaigns are not targeted to buying stage

There are basically 3 stages that your buyer goes through:

  • Awareness: There’s a problem and I need to conduct some research on it.
  • Consideration: There’s a solution for my problem out there, but I need to establish my organisation’s buying criteria.
  • Decision: It’s time to evaluate vendors because I’m ready to buy. 

Putting yourself in your buyer’s shoes can be as simple as asking yourself the following questions:

  • What do they think now?
  • What do they need at this stage?
  • What do we want them to think?
  • How do we sell the next step?

4. Timing of campaigns is off

B2B marketers make one of the following mistakes when it comes to nurture campaign timing:

Too eager to batch and blast? People have tons to look at in their inbox so pull it back to 1-2 emails a month. Anything more than this can serve to annoy your prospects (and you really don’t want to do that).

Too scared of coming off as spammy? You have no reason to fear hitting the ‘send’ button if what you’re sending your prospects is truly useful to them at the stage they’re at in their journey.

In the end the best policy in striking the balance between “too often” and “not enough” is to look at your analytics and listen to what your buyers are telling you. Every industry and job role has a different appetite for information.

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