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Today, B2B marketers have many new options available. Below are 7 options and potential providers for each one.

  1. Search Retargeting. Search retargeting allows you to buy display ads targeted to people that have searched for your keywords. You can also include competitors products that may be restricted in traditional search. Providers: Simpli.fi, Chango, Fetchback.
  2. InText Ads. Buy your keywords in the text of articles on news and content sites. Providers: Vibrant Media, Kontera.
  3. Retargeting. One of the oldest targeting tactics in B2C, retargeting is still underutilized by B2B marketers even though it is generally one of the most cost effective tactics. Providers: AdRoll, Fetchback, Retargeter.
  4. CRM Retargeting. Retargeting doesn’t have to stop with your site traffic. With CRM retargeting, one of the newer options included in this list, you can target people in your email database across the web. Providers: Retargeter, LiveRamp.
  5. Audience Targeting. Bizo has established themselves as the leading provider of B2B audience data, here are the segments they have available.
  6. Company Targeting. Do you have a list of specific target companies or accounts? Cherry pick your targets and deliver ads only to people at those companies. Providers: Bizo, Demandbase, Neustar.
  7. LinkedIn Data Targeting. Through a new partnership, LinkedIn can now sell ads across the web targeting using their own profile data. LinkedIn is the gold standard for B2B data, making this one of the most interesting new offerings in my opinion. This is really a type of audience targeting, above, but it is separate here because self-reported LinkedIn data is different from typical audience data.

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