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Nine guidelines to follow for your video SEO success gained from personal experience, industry collaboration, experimentation, and reverse engineering. Part one in a two-part series.


Whether you host your company videos on your brand’s website or upload to YouTube will have dramatically different search results with Google. Each platform has its distinct benefits to the marketer, with distinct optimization strategies and tactics to follow in order to rank well, and maximize search visibility and conversions.

Google’s diverse search landscape contains several different search algorithms, including Google Search, Google Video Search, and YouTube; each offers different ways of showing video results. This presents some hefty challenges for search marketing professionals. This two-part series on video search will present insights and tips gained from our own experiences, industry collaboration, experimentation, and reverse engineering – first on Google Search for video (here) and next time on optimizing video for YouTube.

iNeoMarketing‘s insight:

Way too much detail to summarize, and we would be selling this great information short. If this is on your hit list, you must click through to read the detail. Another great resource.

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