PPC Performance Metrics: Bing Ads vs. Google AdWords – Website Magazine


Key findings from the report include:

**Google AdWords was shown to be the leader in impressions and click-through rates. In fact, AdWords delivered significantly higher impressions in five of the six categories studied. 

**In addition, average click-through rates on AdWords campaigns were 2-5 times higher than those on Yahoo! Bing in all categories studied during the period.

**At the same time, the Yahoo! Bing Network was found to have costs-per-click that were 1-3 times lower than AdWords, as well as brand impressions that were 76 to 90 percent less expensive on average than AdWords. 

**In addition, there was less competition for top positions on its results pages, with 36 percent fewer advertisers on Yahoo! Bing than on AdWords in the studied verticals.

iNeoMarketing‘s insight:

A summary of the AdGooroo report scooped adjacent to this scoop.  First two bullet points above tell you all you need to know…for now.

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