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In order for people to convert on your landing page, they have to arrive at your page first. Here’s how to create landing pages that convert & rank well.


This post will show you how to develop a landing page that gets conversions, while ranking well at the same time. The result of a finely tuned landing page and improved search rankings is straight up awesome — more conversions than you ever thought was possible.


1. Use Collapsing Divs

There is a way to add more great content to a web page, yet still create a clean path to your conversion element. Adding content gives you an SEO edge, yet you’re still capable of driving conversions without too much text real estate blocking the way. The secret sauce is collapsing divs.


2. Make People Want to Link to Your Page

Top-ranked sites are those that are eminently linkable. If you get tons of links to your site, rankings will launch sky high. It’s not essential to launch an entire link building campaign although that might not be a bad idea. The key instead is to turn your landing page into a valuable resource — a “linkable asset.”


3. Integrate Social Media

Closely related to the point above is the social value of your site. Just as your site is to be a linkable asset, it should also be shareable.

iNeoMarketing‘s insight:

Great guidance, and something we should all jump on immediately. You need to read the details, so please click through (especially the sample code for the collapsing divs).

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