Eduardo Conrado Talks About Motorola’s Move To Marry Marketing-IT – AdAge

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Ad Age: Motorola has been ahead of the curve on creating a department of so-called marketing technologists. How do you define a marketing technologist at Motorola? What is the role?

Mr. Conrado: Three years ago, we had the traditional digital team within marketing and there was a separate team in IT that supported us. Over the last couple years, that team started working closer and closer — we’d do joint planning between marketing, IT and sales. Even before I took this role, the CIO and I talked and said you know the team would perform much better if instead of having two parallel organizations that collaborate we had a single organization that oversees digital platforms and strategies for the company. So we combined digital marketing with the IT team that was helping implement the tools. More and more they’re service-as-software tools, so they look at the strategy, how we engage with customers, how we define the process. … Half the group is marketers with an affinity to technology, the other half have affinity for marketing and sales processes.

iNeoMarketing‘s insight:

We posed this question a few days ago: “As marketing continues to embrace technology and technology processes, what eventually is the differentiation that marketing has from IT?” And here’s one answer from this three question interview. It’s a quick read, but revealing as to the direction we’re heading. Marketer: know thy technology!

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