How to Play Matchmaker With Your PPC Ads and Landing Pages – Unbounce | #TheMarketingAutomationAlert

Pay-Per-Click marketing is like online dating: it’s all about making a match, baby! Learn how to play matchmaker with your PPC Ads and landing pages.

Key excerpt…

In order to push your site’s visitors all the way through your conversion funnel, you have to maintain relevancy throughout their entire experience:

  1. This starts with the query they type into the search engine. Your ad must match their query or they won’t click on it
  2. Next, the offer and value proposition on your landing page has to coincide with the intent of their search query and the promise you made in the ad. If not, they’ll bounce
  3. Finally, the rest of the pages in your conversion funnel have to reinforce the same message at every step along the way. If not, they’ll abandon the funnel

iNeoMarketing‘s insight:

The point: ensure message and offer continuity throughout the process!

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