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Changing dynamics and a bright outlook.

Key excerpt…

These tools help sellers and marketers capitalize on social networks in a number of ways that boost their results, enabling them to:

  • Listen to what customers are saying to discover trends and influencers
  • Engage with stakeholders by participating in meaningful conversations
  • Collaborate by connecting with colleagues across the enterprise and around the world quickly and easily, benefiting from the collective knowledge of your company
  • Amplify product messages by stimulating conversations about them in social networks
  • Take action on ideas, recommendations, and opportunities generated by customers in social networks
  • Obtain real-time feedback and monitor hot topics to act promptly on concerns or measure the impact of marketing actions

iNeoMarketing‘s insight:

If you don’t know what Social CRM is, then go to the Filter tab above and search the tag Social CRM. I’m finding it harder to see Social CRM as a separate entity, as Social is not just a channel of distribution.

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