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Landing a new valuable account takes a lot of time, work and cooperation within a company. Read this blog to learn 5 easy steps for Account Based Marketing.


Step 1: Discover & Define Your High-Value Accounts

Step 2: Define Personalized & Effective Messaging

Step 3: Determine Optimal Channels: Just as the same content doesn’t work with each prospect, you also need to discover and setup the optimized touch points for your lead nurture plan. Each persona you are targeting will respond differently according to the channels you choose, but regardless, you must keep consistent messaging across all channels.

Step 4: Execute Targeted Campaigns

Step 5: Measure, Learn and Optimize

iNeoMarketing‘s insight:

This is called “using Marketing Automation intelligently.” The key here is step 2, where the personalized messaging is captured in the record and dropped into the communication piece, and NOT LOST.

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