A Business Leader’s Guide to Marketing Metrics – G2M Solutions | #TheMarketingAutomationAlert

Here are the B2B marketing metrics that Business Owners should be tracking.


1. Set Shared Goals

  • Reach
  • Lead nurturing
  • Revenue
  • Visit-to-lead %
  • Lead-to-Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL) %
  • MQL-to-Opportunity %
  • Opportunity-to-Sale %
  • Lead-to-customer %

2. Create Content Offers

  • How many leads has this offer generated?
  • Have you measured your new contacts?
  • How many ‘clicks’ do your calls-to-action receive?

3. Gauge Your MQLs

  • How many of these MQLs are you generating month over month?
  • How many MQLs do you get from your blog versus email marketing?
  • Are more leads being nurtured into MQLs over time?

iNeoMarketing‘s insight:

I look at this as putting the cart before the horse: objectives are a function of strategy, so if you’re marketing strategy is focused on lead gen, then the aforementioned is a good starting point (emphasis on starting point).

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