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With the digitalization of marketing practices, the same dynamics will also become apparent. Consider the speed and complexity of managing audience engagement across the proliferating constellation of paid, earned and owned channels. Automation is simply necessary to execute with precision and speed as audiences wend and wind the path to purchase.


Perhaps it’s no surprise that the operational foundations of digital marketing are rapidly giving way to machines. But what about creative functions? Automation already helps us with ideation and curation. But can it overtake human effort?


Human emotion itself can be reliably manipulated. The triggers of human emotion are reducible to predictable model. Need proof? Look at Hollywood, which has made a business of reductive storytelling. In particular, consider the sentimental biopics and prime time crime dramas that, despite (or actually because of) their reductiveness draw audiences in droves. If something can be reduced to a model, can’t it ultimately be reproduced with automation?



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Keep calm everyone. Machines are not taking over creativity anytime soon. Stick with data-driven marketing: figure that out, and then start worrying about right brain automation.

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