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What I find interesting is that so many marketers point to the company website as an important channel for content marketing. I find that hard to believe. The website itself, for the vast majority of companies, is still relatively static as compared to other content outlets. Updating a website is actually more difficult unless there is a mechanism, like a blog, built in the website that allows for natural creation of content.


Of course, one element of content marketing is social media and that is gaining momentum still. Not noted in these charts though is the finding that most respondents are using the same content across all channels. This is the one major vulnerability of the current state of content marketing. Once content consumers see that the same information is shared everywhere they could see that content producer as being lazy.



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I’m surprised as well. Content needs to be pushed out through social channels, incorporated as the fuel to your marketing automation, and of course distributed via email. To allow it to stagnate within the confines of a web site is a shame.

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